I’m looking for new and established authors writing narrative non-fiction, lifestyle and reference titles, including: popular science, technology, health, fitness, photography, design, computing, gadgets, social media, career development, education, business, leadership, personal finance, how-to, and humor.

I’m always open to how-to and reference, or books from subject matter experts or teachers that might fit the “for Dummies” or similar series. I also like humorous how-to, such as Michelle Waitzman’s Sex in a Tent or “irreference” such as Roger Ma’s Zombie Combat Manual.

I’m eager to see strong proposals from experienced teachers, presenters, or Microsoft or similar MVPs on technical subjects, such as The After Effects Illusionist, by trainer Chad Perkins, or Skin, by Lee Varis. I will also read anything about emerging technologies.

I like books about the outdoors, and I will read anything of a western regional bent, including guide books, how-to and anything covering natural history.  I would love to sign the next Craig Childs, or find a book like Nature Noir. I also like adventure and books like Touching the Void. Really, anything that would have appealed to my twelve year old self (Kon Tiki!) appeals to me today, which is why I loved repping a book like Wilderness Survival for Dummies.

I’m experienced in working with corporations and branded books, such as The Constant Contact Guide to Email Marketing, by Eric Groves.

I don’t handle fiction, children’s books, poetry, or screenplays.

I ask for electronic submissions only. Please send your plain text email query (w/no attachments) to:

matt (at)

If I want to see more I’ll ask you for a complete proposal, either by email or snail mail.

I will respond to all queries as quickly as possible but be aware that I accept only a limited number of clients. And please do your homework before you submit your proposal. There are many excellent books available on creating a strong book proposal.

My Contract:

I charge a 15% commission on all sales within the U.S. In the case of foreign rights, I charge 20%. I charge no reading fees.

I am not a member of AAR but I do adhere to their guidelines.

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