Jun 202006

I’m pleased to announce the publication of Fresh Books client Kevin Epstein’s first book Marketing Made Easy, which has just been released by Entrepreneur Press.

Sometimes a client comes along who’s a rock star from the get-go, and Kevin really fits the bill. You should check out his new blog, StupidMarketing, for all sorts of marketing advice.

My favorite take-away from Kevin’s book —

Consider the number of great discoveries that were made by mistake — penicillin, Post-It brand notes, and Coca Cola all originated because of an error. As the entrepreneur, the final outcome of any situation often rests in your hands. So when it all seems to be going wrong, relax; take a deep breath, ask what the situation lets you provide to customers, and dive in.

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Jun 072006

A client is writing a book that will include short romantic camping stories (think sidebar length). The book will be published next year by Wilderness Press, and although there’s no payment for the short stories, she’d be happy to send you a copy of the finished book. If you’re interested or know someone who might like to share a funny camping story, please feel free to share her call for submissions, below:

I’m putting together a new book that looks at the joys and challenges of camping as a couple, and I need your help! I would like you to share your experiences and advice in the following areas:

• Sexy, funny and/or romantic stories of things you have done or seen on camping trips together. (Your names will not be used in the book, so don’t worry about your mother finding out what you did in the woods.) Just a few paragraphs long is ideal. Tell me about the time you tried to do it in a canoe, or the way your partner always rubs your shoulders after a long hike, or how he popped the question at the top of a mountain.

• Tips and advice on camping as a couple – making decisions together, splitting up the work, dealing with size and skill differences etc.

• The best places you’ve gone camping together – most romantic, best scenery etc.

• The places you’d love to camp if you had the time and money to get there.

• Your best camping recipes for two.

Please send your contributions to me at loveinatent@hotmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you, and I thank you for sharing.

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Jun 072006

I’m extremely pleased to announce the publication of Mike Fine’s Canoeing and Kayaking in Utah: A Complete Guide to Paddling Utah’s Lakes, Reservoirs & Rivers, which was just published by Countryman Press. This was one of the first books I sold after I went out on my own last year, and I’ve come to love the category. Congrats, Mike!

Congrats also to writing duo and Fresh Books clients Michele Davis and Jon Philips on the publication of Learning PHP and MySQL from O’Reilly Media. Thanks for working with me.

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May 032006

Congrats to Gary Bouton on the long awaited publication of Photoshop Elements All-In-One Desk Reference for Dummies.

Congrats to Barrie Sosinsky, who co-authored Scott Mueller’s Upgrading and Reparing Servers which was recently published by Que.

Congrats to Christopher Spencer on delivering his first book, The eBay Entrepreneur: The Definitive Guide to Starting Your Own eBay Trading Assistant Business, to be published by Kaplan Publishing in September.

And congratulations to Sue Jenkins, Michele Davis and Jon Phillips on the completion of Dreamweaver 8 All-In-One Desk Reference for Dummies.

Thanks for working with me. I’m proud to have been a part of your books.

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Apr 122006

I’ve probably repped more “for Dummies” books than anyone, mostly because I was fortunate to be involved with the series from its inception. I’m pleased to continue this tradition with Fresh Books.

Congratulations to Fresh Books client Stephen Olejniczak on the publication of his first book, Telecom for Dummies.

Congratulations to Fresh Books client Gary Bouton on completing his first Wiley title, The Photoshop Elements All-In-One Desk Reference for Dummies, which ships early next month.

And congrats to Kevin Blackwood on finishing Casino Gambling for Dummies, to be published this July (co-agented with the Venture Literary Agency).

In non-Dummies news, Harold Davis has seen a number of great reviews for his Google Advertising Tools. BlogCritics calls it a “sorely needed reference for anyone trying to make money with Google online.” You can find more reviews linked at Harold’s review page.

Congrats to Shirl Kennedy, who was interviewed on WTSP for the feature How We Roll: Librarian by Day, Biker by Night. (You’ve gotta love a TV station that includes the “buy this book” button with the author interview!)

And congratulations to Roger C. Parker, who received a nice blurb today on his most recent book Design to Sell: Use Microsoft Publisher to Plan, Write and Design Great Marketing Pieces at Web Marketing Today.

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Mar 292006

Juliana Aldous Atkinson beat me to the punch this morning, but I’d like to congratulate Roger C. Parker on the publication of Design to Sell: Use Microsoft Publisher to Plan, Write, and Design Great Marketing Pieces.

I just received my copies in the mail. The book looks great and I’m proud to have it on my shelf.

Plus, as everyone knows, there’s nothing like that new book smell!

Design to Sell is one of a number of books that Microsoft Press has published recently that integrate teaching a useful business skill-set with software how-to. It’s a great model and led to their bestselling Beyond Bullet Points, by Cliff Atkinson.

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Feb 142006

Harold Davis’s Google Advertising Tools has a great review at Linux Books, and today he’s interviewed about keyword advertising by Wired — How To Almost Live on Blogging.

A big thank you and congrats to marketing and design guru Roger Parker on publication of his Publisher series on Microsoft’s Office Online, including articles on Improving Your Newsletters, Creating Promotional Postcards, and Creating Color Catalogs.

Congratulations to first-time author, and long-time telecom pro, Stephen Olejniczak, on completing Telecom for Dummies, which will be published in March. We’d love to give Newton a run for his money with this one!

And, in personal news, I figure Valentine’s Day is the best day to announce that Amy (my long-time sweetheart and all around best friend) consented to marry me last month (consented and wed!). One month in and we’re both exceedingly pleased with ourselves, me most of all.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Jan 232006

Congratulations and thanks to Gail Perry, C.P.A., whose new book, Quicken All-In-One Desk Reference for Dummies has shipped from Wiley. I’m really pleased to have repped this title as it takes advantage of the longer form All-In-One Dummies model and allows Gail to go beyond the “how” of Quicken into the hows and whys of utlizing Quicken for financial planning.

Gail’s previous books include Surviving Financial Downsizing: A Practical Guide to Living Well on Less Income (Adams) and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Doing Your Income Taxes (Alpha).

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Jan 032006

This is my one-year anniversary under the Fresh Books banner, and I’m pleased to announce a few new titles that are shipping in January. My list this first year has been about two-thirds tech and one-third reference and business. The tech titles come to market most quickly but I’m looking forward to adding many more tech and reference titles to this list in the coming year.

Congratulations to Andy Rathbone on the publication of PCs: The Missing Manual, from O’Reilly.

I’d like to thank Harold Davis for my first animal cover in a few years, Google Advertising Tools: Cashing in with AdSense, AdWords, and the Google API’s, also from O’Reilly.

Kudos to Photoshop Guru, Taz Tally, on his forthcoming Photoshop CS2 Before and After Makeovers, from Wiley.

Another big thank you and congratulations to John Paul Mueller on his new book Mastering Visual Web Developer 2005, shipping later this month, from Sybex.

And congrats to Bill Loguidice, hard at work on his first book, who is quoted in this article on retro gaming from the Las Vegas Review Journal.

I’ve had a wonderful year and it wouldn’t have happened without my clients. I extend my deepest thanks to everyone who took a chance and worked with me. Here’s wishing you a great New Year, healthy sales, and a long shelf life.

Nov 282005

Her new book, The Savvy Guide to Motorcycles, received a glowing review at About.com.

Shirl is one-of-a-kind. By day she’s a librarian for the government, but on weekends and commutes she’s the Uncaged Librarian. She’s a great writer to boot. If you know anyone who’s hankering to ride, this is the perfect Christmas present.

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