Oct 102006

Van Wolverton’s Running MS-DOS 6.22 is in the top 1000 at Amazon today, currently #22 on the Computer books list between Tufte’s Beautiful Evidence and David Busch’s Nikon D200 guide.

How the heck did that happen? The book is 12 years old, published in August 1994 and it’s not even available at Amazon.

Must be a ghost in the machine. Shows you how useful those Amazon rankings are…

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Oct 062006

I’ve been busier with the baby than I’ve been with the blog over the last month but it’s been an increasing headache to deal with blog spam in the comments, so I’m turning off the comments for now until I upgrade and/or add (hopefully non-buggy) captcha to the blog. If there’s anything you’d like to comment on or ask, I’m happy to post a response, so please feel free to email me at matt at fresh-books.com. Thanks.

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Sep 212006

Michael Nolan’s post at the Peachpit Commons this morning, On Arranging Books By Color, reminded me of this cool project a few years ago at San Francisco’s Adobe Bookshop. Artist Chris Cobb re-arranged the entire bookstore stock by color. It looked awesome (from the photos, alas I only saw photos). The project is linked from Michael’s post, and here’s an article on the project at Silverfish, Linked.

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Aug 032006

I can’t wait to see this.

We’ve seen so many of the people and places inside his head: finally, a pic about the man himself, Bill Pullman as Philip K. Dick, at Boing Boing.

*alternate title: The future is Philip K. Dick’s world, we just live in it.

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Jul 142006

Via c|net, this is kind of cool if you’re an exhibitionist and no-one has picked up your memoir yet, though I’m not sure if it will ever work.

Dandelife is a web 2.0 style timeline generator, but what’s most interesting is that according to the article on TechCrunch, “Users will be able to make their stories available for branding by corporate sponsors bidding for content.”

I’m sort of with the TechCrunch author, Marshall Kirkpatrick, who says “yes we all have a right to monetize our writing and media content online – but renting out chunks of my life story for corporate branding is not something I’m comfortable with.”

But hey, it’s another way to be “famous” and connect your Blog, YouTube and Flickr streams, create your own “reality show,” write and distribute your own memoir, and maybe find corporate backing to boot.

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May 162006

via Publisher’s Lunch, I like this quote from a recent Jeff Bezos speech in Seattle, this via the Seattle Post Intelligencer, Linked.

“We have even looked at doing things like electronic soul mate where we say here is the person at Amazon who has the closest history to you in terms of purchasing, and by the way here are the five things that they have bought that you haven’t.”

That sounds very cool, but also kind of, I dunno, icky?

I like to think I’m unique, you know, just like everyone else is.

Of course I’m a voyeur when it comes to other people’s purchase histories and I’m a huge fan of “Customers who bought this item also bought.” And if I see you walking around the bookstore I can’t help but check out your books.

For those with plenty of time on their hands, here’s an MP3 of Jeff’s speech, Linked.

Feb 242006

I just performed major housekeeping of my comment spam box and found a few valid comments that never made it past the gate.

I’ll check this more often in the future and will be sure to “un-junk” any valid posts.

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Jan 262006

We use a white board in the kitchen to practice spelling words, equations and to remind our boys about the house rules. You can probably tell we’re California parents when you see behaviors listed as either “cool” or “not cool.”

Helping is cool, hitting is decidedly not cool, as in

“Hey, that’s not cool!”

Asking is cool. Throwing fits is not so cool.

Listening is very cool, and highly underrated, arguing (at least for the sake of argument), is not.

“Uncool” means something entirely different and our kids aren’t big enough to know that we’re uncool yet.

These are also good tips for getting along with your editor. Taunting, hitting or throwing fits is not cool.

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